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Working with us means that you get a truly people-centred experience rather than a purely procedural approach to outsourced HR and to business. That’s why we’re a people business for business people.

Building trusted and lasting relationships with our clients is key to what we do. We make it our business to get know you and your business, because we want you to have the very best experience with us. It’s not always about problem-solving, although we’re experts at that! It’s also about helping you to grow your business by ensuring you have the right people in the right place at the right time.


What Our Clients Say

“Professional to the core, with their culture and values evident throughout the whole organisation. It’s refreshing to work with a team of experts who are approachable and enthusiastic. A first-class proactive service!”

M Jack, Drummond Laurie

“The HR team at Greig Melville have provided us with essential HR tools. They’re approachable, friendly and always ready to help – and they have a sense of humour too!”

I Mitchell, John Mitchell Haulage

“I’ve known Alison for many years now and I can honestly say she’s an absolute diamond. She’s so knowledgeable and helpful. I’d heartily recommend her for anyone with a staff problem.”

L Hunter, Trustys (Scotland) Limited

“I had the pleasure of working with Alison when she was Head of HR with Robertson Group. She displays a strong grasp of employment law and is never afraid to confront and deal with the difficult and challenging!”

S Meiklejohn, Blackadders Solicitors

“Our sincere gratitude to everyone at GMA involved in the challenging process we’ve gone through recently. Your patience and expertise whilst guiding us through the various stages is greatly appreciated”

K Peaty, Edinmore Contracts Ltd

“My new Employee Handbook is spot on re content and layout! The HR Toolkit is also helpful and I appreciate the effort that has gone into producing this document.”

H Fox, Oakwood Products Limited

“Alison was a great help to me in sorting out staff contracts when I needed to make some changes to terms and conditions. Her professional and empathetic approach was just what was needed.”

Lorraine Taylor, Peony Gifts & Cards

“For all your HR needs get in touch with Alison and her team at Greig Melville HR. I wish I’d known her BEFORE the grey hairs set in! I’d have saved a fortune in hair dye!”

Linda McVicar, Scotweigh Limited

Please pass on my thanks to you and your team for an excellent service. Your information flow has been a breath of fresh air keeping us up to date with all things Covid‐19 compliant.

Lithium Systems

I particularly want to say a huge thank you for all your support . Your patience and professionalism in the face of so many obstacles and frustrations was truly above and beyond.

Pollockshaws Area Network, Scotweigh Limited

HR Services

Helping you to focus on what you do best.

HR Support Packages

Designed to suit your business’s HR needs.

Launch HR Icon

HR Starter Pack

A cost-effective and straightforward support package that means you’ll get the best possible start to your business. We call this Launch HR.

Launch HR

You’ve just started your business and that’s great.  How about getting all the right people and processes in place – right now? That way you’ll make it as easy as possible: we can help you from the moment you leave the slipway!

Cruise HR Icon

Ongoing HR Support

You’ve established your business, but now need more regular HR support to keep you on course. That’s what our Cruise HR package is there for.

Cruise HR

You’re on the crest of a wave and your business is already established. Maybe you feel that you now need more regular HR support to keep you on course – this is exactly what our Cruise HR package is there for.  It’s like having an extra pair of skilled hands on board.

May-Day HR Icon

Emergency HR

When the unexpected happens, or you need urgent HR support with a project, our Mayday HR package is there when you need help quickly.

Mayday HR

Sometimes you need help to arrive quickly – that’s what our Mayday HR package is there for.  So when the unexpected happens, or you need HR support with a project, we’re ready – wherever and whenever you need us.

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