We can help you look after your people too.  Health and safety is all about preventing people from being harmed by work or becoming ill, by taking the right precautions – and providing a satisfactory working environment.

Talk to Dene Mitchell or Suzanne Blair our NEBOSH-certified Occupational Health & Safety partners at Armour Risk Consulting for specialist expertise in occupational health and safety management systems for SMEs.

Health & Safety Management

Part of being a people business for business people includes carrying the burden of health and safety for you and your business and so we will provide you with access to a dedicated Safety Manager who will work closely with your management team and help you implement a bespoke management system.  Find out how simple it can be to protect you, your people and your business

Bespoke Health & Safety Policies

If your organisation has five or more employees, it is a legal requirement to have a good health & safety policy in place.  It’s easy enough to obtain generic policies from the Internet, but why not let us write one that is specific and relevant for your business.  We’ll also keep it up to date for you too.

Risk Assessments

You may not know this but you have a legal requirement to carry out regular health & safety and fire risk assessments on your premises and on the working practices within your business.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a tenant or you own the premises!

It all takes precious time and energy – and expertise, so why not give us a call and our Safety Manager will work with you to keep you on the right side of the law by making sure your risk assessments meet the required standards or carry out the risk assessments for you.

Support & Advice

You might need advice on a specific issue – just give us a call and we can help with any health and safety questions you might have – we’ll also be happy to come and see you so that no matter how difficult the problem may be, you have an expert alongside to keep you right.  Contact us for a free, no obligation initial consultation


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HR Support Packages

Designed to suit your businesses HR needs.

Launch HR Icon

HR Starter Pack

A cost-effective and straightforward support package that means you’ll get the best possible start to your business. We call this Launch HR.

Launch HR


You’ve just started your business and that’s great.  How about getting all the right people and processes in place – right now? That way you’ll make it as easy as possible: we can help you from the moment you leave the slipway!

Cruise HR Icon

Ongoing HR Support

You’ve established your business, but you now need more regular HR support to keep you on course. That’s what our Cruise HR package is there for.

Cruise HR


You’re on the crest of a wave and your business is already established. Maybe you feel that you now need more regular HR support to keep you on course – this is exactly what our Cruise HR package is there for.  It’s like having an extra pair of skilled hands on board.

May-Day HR Icon

Emergency HR Support

When the unexpected happens, or you need urgent HR support with a project, our Mayday HR package is there when you need help quickly.

May Day HR


Sometimes you need help to arrive quickly – that’s what our Mayday HR package is there for.  So when the unexpected happens, or you need HR support with a project, we’re ready – wherever and whenever you need us.

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