At Greig Melville HR, our small, friendly and approachable team of experienced and CIPD-qualified HR Consultants and Employment Law Specialists is always ready to provide you with a bespoke and tailored outsourced HR Support and Advice Service spanning all aspects of employment from recruitment to retirement. We look after small and medium-sized businesses spanning a diverse range of sectors throughout Scotland and the wider UK.

We combine over 50 years of expertise from qualified professionals with true warmth, humour and approachability and you have the recipe for our team. No fancy language or HR-speak – just straightforward, down-to-earth good service.

HR Support

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We’ll work with you as your ‘people partner’, using our professional expertise to help you and your managers spot and address issues, ahead of time. FIND OUT MORE

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Training & Development

We’ll use our specialist training & development expertise to identify where there are gaps and areas for improvement within the existing skills, knowledge and attitudes of your employees to help you focus on employee motivation, retention, growth & development so that your business continues to thrive and succeed. FIND OUT MORE

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Recruitment Services

We know that it takes time to work through the entire recruiting, sifting, interviewing and hiring process – and we also know that you have your business to run, so we’ll take care of recruitment for you, utilising our years of experience in the employment marketplace. FIND OUT MORE

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Employment Law

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We’ll make sure that you are fully and properly advised about relevant law and procedures every step of the way, including tribunal representation. FIND OUT MORE

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Payroll & Auto Enrolment Services

If you need to concentrate on your core business and you currently process payroll in-house, just think how much time you could free up to pursue more important revenue-generating activities, by outsourcing your payroll to Greig Melville HR. FIND OUT MORE

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HR Software

Have you ever thought about using HR software as opposed to manual record-keeping which is time-consuming and not always accurate? Don’t dismiss the idea just because you may be a small to medium-sized business! We’ve chosen our software especially with you in mind – it easily integrates and links to other external software such as accounting and other reporting software. You can choose from core modules such as employee details and absence management to training and development and employee self-service. FIND OUT MORE

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HR Support Packages

Designed to suit your businesses HR needs.

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HR Starter Pack

A cost-effective and straightforward support package that means you’ll get the best possible start to your business. We call this Launch HR.

Launch HR


You’ve just started your business and that’s great.  How about getting all the right people and processes in place – right now? That way you’ll make it as easy as possible: we can help you from the moment you leave the slipway!

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Ongoing HR Support

You’ve established your business, but you now need more regular HR support to keep you on course. That’s what our Cruise HR package is there for.

Cruise HR


You’re on the crest of a wave and your business is already established. Maybe you feel that you now need more regular HR support to keep you on course – this is exactly what our Cruise HR package is there for.  It’s like having an extra pair of skilled hands on board.

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Emergency HR Support

When the unexpected happens, or you need urgent HR support with a project, our Mayday HR package is there when you need help quickly.

May Day HR


Sometimes you need help to arrive quickly – that’s what our Mayday HR package is there for.  So when the unexpected happens, or you need HR support with a project, we’re ready – wherever and whenever you need us.

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